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For men. For women. For the occasional treat. For that everyday spa-refreshed look. Discover Rowton Hall Spa Hotel, Chester.


The Babor skincare philosophy is based on respect for your individual skin requirements. Babor treatments are power-packed with marine ingredients including algae. Its algae’s unique capacity to neutralise free radicals, and seal vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the skin, that leaves your skin looking instantly tauter, firmer and smoother. Babor has designed bespoke treatments for Rowton Hall Hotel & Spa reflecting our natural surroundings.

Aromatherapy Associates 

Aromatherapy Associates treatments are firmly based on the traditional principles of aromatherapy developed by Marguerite Maury in the 1950s. Using eastern and western massage techniques, they stimulate the nervous system, releasing congestion and re-balancing areas of the body affected by physical or mental stress.

At the same time, the essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream, enhancing cell renewal, circulation and detoxification. And all the while, their aromas act on the deepest parts of the brain to enhance your mood.


The original and most advanced computer aided face toning treatment available. Backed by 20 years of medical research, CACI is the treatment celebrities choose to re-educate muscle fibres and improve skin texture.

Results are apparent after one treatment. Lines and wrinkles soften and your face feels lifted. Arrange your CACI treatment at Rowton Hall Spa Hotel, Chester.

Jessica Nails

Considered the world’s leading authority on natural nail care, Jessica Cosmetics understands what it takes to achieve and maintain naturally beautiful nails. You’ll find a constantly changing, always on trend range of nails at our Cheshire spa.

Also from Jessica, discover GELeration, a long lasting manicure with the beauty of a gel polish.

St Tropez

There’s nothing quite like a healthy, glowing, natural-looking tan to make you look and feel fantastic. St. Tropez have been making and applying revolutionary tanning treatments for over 10 years, all over the world. For all skin types. For long lasting results. Give your body a healthier glow at Rowton Hall Cheshire Spa.

Making a booking / cancellations

You can secure your booking with a non-refundable 50% deposit. If you are using a gift voucher we’ll need your voucher number to confirm the booking, and a credit card number. If there are any amounts outstanding after your visit we’ll charge them to your card.


There are contra-indications to some of our treatments and facilities. All treatments are carried out subject to the completion of our consultation form. If you have any special requirements, e.g. if you’re in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, or have heart conditions, diabetes, high/low blood pressure, epilepsy, arthritis/rheumatism or any allergies etc you should seek medical advice prior to your visit. You may need a doctor’s note.

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