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If you cannot find an available date for your stay using our interactive booking service, then you can get in touch with a member of our team at the hotel who will be happy to assist you.

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Making every visit feel like your first

What makes our Cheshire country house hotel feel so different? Someone once told us that instead of acting as if our guests were fortunate to be here, we made them feel like honoured guests. And, of course, they were. You will be too.

It’s an attitude that starts with the Wigginton family who own and run Rowton Hall. They want you to love it as much as they do. They want you to play croquet on its lawn or sink into its armchairs and feel utterly at home.

Most of all, they, General Manager Tony, and their team want to ensure your stay is the sort of experience you want to share. And the sort of experience you want to repeat. Whether it’s your first visit or your 21st, welcome home to Rowton Hall.


You’ll find references to Rowton’s Civil War history in the Cavalier Bar, Langdale Restaurant and the names of many of our suites. That’s because Rowton occupies a very specific point in English Civil War history. Had you arrived in the village on 24 September 1645, you would have spotted Parliamentarian musketeers in the lanes and hedgerows.

On Rowton Heath the Royalists were defeated. Sir Marmaduke Langdale’s horsemen were forced back to Chester.

King Charles I fled, leaving the first Lord Byron to defend the city against a brutal siege that lasted until the winter. The oldest part of Rowton Hall dates from 1779. As the Hall passed from owner to owner in the intervening centuries, the building grew and evolved to become the luxurious country house hotel it is today.

It’s still evolving, because we’re committed to ensuring that every time you stay at Rowton Hall, there’s something to surprise and delight you.

For more information about staying at Rowton Hall, or to make a booking, contact Reception on 01244 335 262